Experience Ecuador – 16 days

Explore the whole country in 16 days

Get to know the diversity of Ecuador, discover its cultures, beautiful nature and learn Spanish. Our Travelling Classroom expedition combines adventure and language Spanish classes while exploring the most beautiful places in Ecuador. From wide farmland, snow-covered peaks, and enchanting rainforest to majestic lagoons. Read more about this fascinating program through Ecuador and get ready for the adventure of your life.


  • Meet the Indigenous people, buy handmade textiles and crafts
  • Visit Andean village among majestic mountains and farmland
  • Discover famous a spiritual ceremonial center for ritual purification
  • Buy leather goods in Cotacachi or handcrafts in Otavalo
  • Hike or horseback incredible ride to Quilotoa Lagoon
  • Explore Baños and swim in thermal pools
  • Observe spot small monkeys that bounce between the trees
  • Enjoy the relaxing flow of the river while tubing in the Napo river
  • Hike through the Amazon Jungle and Andean wilderness
  • Take a dip in the hot water springs while enjoying the view of beautiful mountains

Available Dates for this Program

Locations to Visit while you Learn Spanish

Otavalo Indigenous Town

Definitely one of the most beautiful indigenous markets in South America, it is famous for its art and craft market and weekly fiesta that celebrates the good commerce. Here you will have the opportunity to meet the local people, buy handmade textiles and crafts and try typical food. Close you can find San Pablo Lake and Cascada de Peguche a ceremonial center for ritual purification during the festival of the sun, which is called “Inti Raymi” where members of the indigenous community bathe there for purification and to connect with Mother Nature.


Translated from Kichwa as Lake of Guinea Pigs because of its shape and the importance of this animal in Ecuador is a 2 mile Crater Lake in the Northern part of Ecuador.


The main activity of this town is the production of anything that can be made with leather, including jackets, suitcases, wallets, shoes and many other crafts and art.


Located in the central highlands, Machachi sits in among beautiful stretches of hilly farmland, mountains, and impressive volcanoes. Here, it is possible to see the jagged peaks of the Ilinizas volcanoes, which are sometimes covered in snow, as well as the amazing Cotopaxi volcano.

El Boliche

Explore the Andean forest at its best. In this recreational area learn more about the beautiful native vegetation.


A stunning turquoise to green lake in the midst of mountain peaks. During our trip we may be able enjoy a view of the snow-covered peaks of Cotopaxi and Ilinizas.

Horseback Ride

One of the most beloved activities in the Andean countryside, enjoy the view from another perspective where cars do not enter and therefore the sounds of nature are more likely to be appreciated. Go between the colorful landscapes of the highlands with lakes and snow capped volcanoes around.


Located at the foot of the Tungurahua volcano. Baños is known as the gateway to the Amazon jungle and it is a popular place of pilgrimage.  Go to the Church of Baños where the protecting Virgin of Baños is. This is a small town where you can shop, treat yourself to a delicious meal and natural drinks, relax or even hire the services to do adventure sports like water rafting. You may also want to swim in the thermal pools near Baños, which are famous for their healing effects.

Natural Waterfalls

Enjoy the ride to breathtaking waterfalls. Marvel with the view and get the most out of your contact with nature.


This town is located on the shores of Napo River which flows into the well known Amazon River. You will have the opportunity to spot small monkeys that bounce between the trees.

Jungle Napo River

Jump in the water and enjoy the relaxing flow of the river while tubing. A guided tour through the wild jungle will let you learn about the Ecosystem, the richness of the Amazon Jungle and the way everything helps to the living of the people in the area and the survival techniques in the Jungle.


This city of our Amazon Region is a major commercial center where the indigenous people of the area go to get their supplies. It is also the capital of the Napo Province, known as the “Cinnamon Capital”.

Jumandi Caves

These caves are located in the Province of Napo, close to the city of Tena. They were named after a leader who fought the Spanish conquistadors.

Thermal Pools

Get the best out of the healing effects of this water for your body, Thermal Pools are very well known to have a high mineral content that has been proved to benefit to give you great benefits and wellness.

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Experience Ecuador – 16 days Travelling Clasroom

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